Water Management Specialists

We understand that water is a limited commodity and therefore it is imperative that a certified professional creates each design layout. With our recognized credibility we specialize in solutions for proper water management of every irrigation system installed or serviced. Green Grass Lawn Sprinklers Ltd. is proud to have staff members with Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor status. We take great care in the planning of our projects to ensure that the water is as evenly distributed as possible with a high level of flexibility. Moreover, properly providing each client with all the necessary components required for an efficient and reliable irrigation system.

Rain Sensing Devices

No need to turn off your sprinklers by hand when it rains. We install rain sensors standard with all of our new sprinkler systems a sensor will collect rainfall and shut everything off automatically. If you have an existing system without this device, call today and we will be happy to add one for you. Put an end to wasting water. Just one season of water savings will pay for the device itself


New developments are continually created, tested and monitored closely by our manufacturers. We keep up to date with all the latest proven equipment from each one and invite you to further engage in our product line.

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